OASES is developing and promoting social processes for small groups, called “Heart-Wisdom Circles”. In their enthusiasm to change the world around them, and take practical steps, organizations and communities can sometimes neglect the vital social processes and relationship building that are essential for harmonious, sustainable  living. These group processes have been proven to bring greater cohesion, harmony and collective wisdom to your life.


Sign up for a Heart Wisdom Circle Training with a partner and learn a powerful social process that you can share with your  group, organization, business or community.


Start your own Heart Wisdom Circle in your community. Each circle is focused around a specific social mission or enterprise, destiny calling, or community, national or global initiative.


There are two ways to share in a collective circle of abundance. Firstly, you will earn  by sharing the Heart Wisdom Circle Training with your friends and social networks. Secondly, you will begin to build an income when you start your own Heart-Wisdom Circles in your community, (or if someone in your Heart Wisdom Circle starts their own Heart Wisdom Circle).



Heart Wisdom Circles

Heart Wisdom Circles is a process designed to foster collective, creative, heart-full conversation that transcends the ego battles and opinionated discussions that is typical in group interactions and meetings. This process helps participants to suspend criticism, connect with their deeper knowing, and open to a higher and more synthethic collective Wisdom, which transcend the limits of our normal thinking.

The process has been informed by the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Physicist David Bohm’s Dialogue Groups, spiritual psychologist Robert Sardello and MIT Economist Otto Scharmer, among others.

Our online training course is an experiential, hands on training which requires a partner or co-host.  Each lesson includes an exercise to be done with your partner, and ideally to be practiced throughout the week in day to day situations.


  • Transcend the limits of the anti-social ego with fixed “I am right” thinking
  • Develop authentic Presence
  • Become aware of mental blocks in listening
  • Learn how to listen with the Heart
  • Tap into collective Heart Wisdom
  • Clarify and focus your personal destiny calling
  • Deepen and strengthen personal and professional relationships
  • Develop gratitude and reverence for life.
  • Transcend limited cognitive constructs and open to new ways to see and experience the World.
  • Build right livelihood with our Income Sharing Program.



Share the Wisdom Circle courses with your friends, family and social networks. Your unique ID will be tracked on our site for 90 days from the time you share. If you have a website, put a link or banner on your page and our site will automatically credit you with the referral. You can earn an attractive monthly income by sharing a process that will provide profound growth and transformation in the lives around you.


Become a Wisdom Circle Ambassador by starting your own circles with your friends and community. You can earn an attractive monthly income, while helping others to discover their gifts, level up their effectiveness and leadership skills, and tap into the collective group Wisdom that is awaiting us.

Contribute Ideas

Do you have the gift of spiritual insight or intuition, management acumen or passion for creating conscious culture, organization and economy? Apply to join one of our interim Advisory Councils in one of three areas (Consciousness, Governance or Economic Cooperation) and help us to build the OASES Holistic Living Network.

Contribute Skills

Do you have skills in web development, graphic arts, social media, public relations, community building or (name your skill) ?  Help us to build an online platform and physical community network that can act as lifeboats for the future.

Contribute Funds

Does your heart resonate with our vision? Does your financial cup runneth over? Help us to grow thriving communities for future generations, and leave a lasting legacy for the future. Your contribution can be allocated for general development or specific aspects of the OASES vision.


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