Globalist Rag Huffpo Declares “Globalist’ a Naughty Word


What else do you call a world-wide cabal of politicians, banksters, pedophiles, and elites who want to take over the world with their fascist 5G system and New World Order? 

Until we become more evolved as human beings, it might be a good thing to follow that adage: “Good fences make good neighbors”. This would include border walls, strict immigration requirements, preservation of your national heritage, culture, and language.

Globalist vs NationalistThey try to trick us thinking that it is one party or group against another. But people all over the world are awake and know who the globalists are. Good job, patriots around the world. We are getting under their skin.





Globalist – Such a great word to describe who they are. 


Speaking of globalists….look at how WOKE Utahans are to GLOBALIST Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney hit for ‘liberal Massachusetts values’ in first Utah attack ad




The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Over Global Warming


AIM4Truther jimi d writes:

Thomas, Betty i would just like to say , MEOOW, RUUFF, WOOOOF, ROOOOW, ROOOOOOW, RUFF RUFF, I FRIGGING LOVE YOU GUYS. Down with the Players, Up with the PATRIOTS….. IN TRUMP I TRUST……….


puppy-kittyIf you are new to our site and puzzled by the meowing and barking, we are infiltrating other YT hangouts that wouldn’t necessarily get our info. The cat people are loving the information they are finding under the cute thumbnails. Take a look at the comment box pinned to the top of this video to see how we are using digital guerilla warfare to spread our intel into other networks. Kitty Shows Her Claws.


AIM4Truther Les sent this video to us. We created an article to make sure it had a presence on another platform. After you view the video, please click on the link below to read his written testimony.

My family is being persecuted for revealing pedophilia

Folks, this needs to scale. Lithuanian Government Elite Pedophile Scandal


ADHD is a FAKE disease invented by Big Pharma to drug children for profit


Globalism in Action in Your Neighborhood

How Your Future Will Look Esthetically, Thanks To 5G Cell Towers


How to Antidote EMFs and 5G


How 5G Will Kill the Birds, Bees, and Your Loved Ones


Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Fast and Furious


Someone explain this to Tomi (see picture below). The Democrats are the foot soldiers for the globalists who wouldn’t dream of getting themselves dirty on the battlefield of the Second American Revolution. They pour money to Republicans and Democrats alike to obstruct and destroy the will of the people who want to Make America Great Again.

They pay agitators to hit the streets and literally do the fist-to-fist fighting on their behalf. Their Silicon Valley Boy Kings are nothing but globalists who are silencing free speech in order to keep us from waking up our fellow Americans. They use illegal immigration to overwhelm our social infrastructures and illegally vote for their candidates.

The corporate media is so corrupt that they have hidden this agenda from the American people for as long as any of us in the Conclave have been alive.


Lahren Dems


Voters in these states need to wake up and send us their best patriots to Washington this election year. DO NOT SEND GLOBALISTS LIKE RINO MITT ROMNEY. Go over each of their resumes carefully and see who has been funding them. Also check their names in our CRIMELINE to make sure they aren’t globalists.


2018 senate race


Kitties need love Betsy and Thomas talking about kitties…again.

Betsy and Thomas love kitties and puppies almost as much as emptying the D.C. litter box along with their patriot friends. This time round we are looking at the DOJ, Jeff Sessions, and Michael Horowitz.


AIM4Truther lonnie points to this: Betsy & Thomas, I see you post articles from a variety of websites…check out ‘’.

Our Reply: We don’t post anything from this site. Ever. Capice? Another site frequently recommended is ‘Your News Wire’. Nope we never post from here either. We have strict vetting requirements for regular contributors and these sites have not met our criteria. Doesn’t mean you can’t decide for yourself. But if you are using Snopes to find truth and still think that children died at Sandy Hook, you are brainwashed. Please seek help from a truther who can help you wake up and decompress into what is really going on around you.   


Keeping things in perspective. Thank you, Aim4Truther Mike B. for this selection.


Remember what 2016 was about. The Second American Revolution doesn’t end until every globalist is voted out of Congress.




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