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The Great Awakening Has Begun


Thomas Paine of the American Intelligence Media explains how the Second American Revolution is a New World Awakening in which every citizen around the world can participate.


Rep. Mark Meadows on Schumer-McConnell Budget Deal: ‘The Stench of the Swamp Is Sucking in Everyone on Capitol Hill’


stocks dow down


Wars are always fought over borders. The one between Mexico and the United States is no different. Patriots want to keep their countries intact and whole. Globalists want to destroy boundaries, cultures, languages and people in order to bring all of us into a nameless, soulless collective run by tech lords, war lords, and bank lords.

Congress’ Leaders Exclude Border Wall Funding from $296 Billion Budget Deal


Pelosi encourages members to vote for a government shutdown


electrosmogWeaponized Cell Towers and Cellphones: 21st Century’s Silent, Invisible Killer by Design


Another longtime Comey aide leaving FBI


To new AIM4Truth subscribers, just a quick lesson on how to read the language called “CNN speak”.

How to Read CNN




What you need to know about MICROWAVE OVENS


FBI texts suggest Comey could have lied under oath, staffers used Gmail for official business


Sexist homophobe


Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



Weapon of Mass Intelligence

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