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Devin Nunes Bombshell! No Official Intelligence used to start Counter Intelligence Investigation




AIM4Truther Leah writes us:

We-are-not-in-Kansas-Anymore1In Power Movement is about providing knowledge and document templates for the public to serve Notice of Liabilities to officials and authorities responsible for Trespassing Technology (smart meters, 5G, etc).

We are an organization of volunteers offering free guidance and support to the public. We strive to use Law Merchant, (contract law) and Common Law to keep people out of the fraudulent court system, and yet assert our rights.

One of our founders, Cal Washington, has direct experience of how Canada is a corporation owned by Queen Elizabeth II and / or her family. Although we are based in the US and Canada, we have members and volunteers from many countries, all trying to customize our documents for their own use, as the smart grid is a global agenda happening right now across the globe (as I am sure you know).

To the AIM4 Truth community: We would appreciate any support you can offer.

InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability



Barrasso letterImportant letter reminder. We have run this letter a few times so you might recognize it.

The Senator Barrasso Letter



SGT report_logoRumor Buster: Thomas Paine from the American Intelligence Media is NOT Sean from SGT Report. We have heard this rumor in several places.

Thanks to AIM4Truth Joni for teeing up this video at the mark where this topic is discussed. Is Thomas Paine of AIM Sean of SGT Report?

Sean at SGT Report continues to promote the Q-psyop which is baffling us as we have always enjoyed his videos in the past. Unfortunately, because he continues to lead his audience deeper into this psyop, we no longer post his material. This is also the case with several other alternative media creators that we once gave thumbs up to. You may have noticed we no longer feature them. They are now on our “unreliable list”.

We will not feature any media creators on TNH as long as they are promoting the Q-psyop as being a legitimate operation. 

However, have you noticed the NEW INDEPENDENT media platforms that we have been featuring lately? There are many new, fresh voices in the alternative media that are building their credibility and audiences. This is what our platform is here for – to feature the work of truth warriors and give them a global audience so that they can grow their network.


Another question that had us smiling: Is Tyla –  Tyler Durden’s sister?



Wash you hands before leaving
AIM4truth Mark shares this original piece with the community. He writes: “This is a painting from 2008 about off shore banking and art. The channel islands map the background, Jersey, Guernsey where they print their own money and all money is secure…. the art, Andy Warhol’s cow, represents capitol, where the word comes from, the head of a cow… the beer cans is me mocking jasper johns idiotic art as art as investment or money or value. He made a work with those beer cans that are worth millions, I crushed the cheap beer cans I bought with my feet. Found the old enamel sign on a job site and added George Brassens record label just because . The coffee cup cow with the peonies is the Kali Yuga cow, an unstable cow with 3 legs. The paintings are dry fresco technique, plaster- wall compound on wood with water and powdered pigments. The sigil (see below) is on glass, an old window, I painted the celery green color on the reverse side first, free hand, then water gilded the 24k gold leaf onto the glass. Silence is Golden. And bring on The Golden Age,




Where have you placed sigils?



This information from AIM4Truth Rodger:

Indict Jason Goodman for the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax

Apparently to increase the show’s drama, Goodman began reporting on the possibility of a dirty bomb somewhere in the United States.  He then asked his viewers to call the duty officer at the Charleston U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Sector with a “dirty bomb” warning.

Then after USCG Charleston confirmed to Goodman by phone that the “dirty bomb” threat was received, Goodman then asked his 2,000 viewers to tweet an additional warning to the 7th District USCG Unified Command with this message:




spinThis is an example of bloviating, spin, and fear-mongering – in case you need to see what it looks like.  CIA Warns Of Massive Terror Attacks Targeting The US



Michael writes: “Just letting you know that I’ve found a disturbing number of the links on your site’s pages lead to “404 error, page not found” messages.”

AIM4Truth reminder: Truth News Headlines only remain on the website for about 2 days. They are then deleted and will show up as a 404 if you open the link beyond its expiration date. If you want to have a permanent record of the day’s headlines, please subscribe to the blog (see top left hand black box that says “follow”) and you will receive an email each time we push out a post.

Our material is directed to first tier independent media creators so that they have fresh truth content daily in order to create cutting-edge articles and videos with their own unique skills and talents. It’s great that others are joining our site, but our first and primary attention is to the first-tiers. On our Apple and Android app, we call them Starships and Rebel Alliance. New contributors are called flagships until we have time to vet their track record.



sounding bowls

Another contributor to the Our Spirit community is Tobias who creates beautiful sounding sculptures. Watch him make one of these bowls at the link below:

Sounding Bowls by Tobias



What is Your Cosmology?

EternalEthers_CoverTyla and Douglas Gabriel have a cosmology and we are forthright about where we are headed in our truth disclosure.

You can stop reading and listening to us at any point, especially if our spiritual message does not resonate with yours.

Do the media personalities that you listen to tell you their end-goal? Do you know where they are leading you? Have you investigated their world view or cosmology?

Do you know who funds their operations and what prompted them to begin their work?

Long before we started the American Intelligence Media, we published several books that show you exactly what we believe and where we are headed in our spiritual journey. From our own personal revelation of Christ, we have created websites, books, online magazine, videos, and audios to share our experience with you.

Our personal experience of the etheric Christ gave us great hope of love and light. We wanted to share with you in full transparency.

We also know that there are many paths to the mountaintop and your path may be different from ours, especially as we move closer to ultimate truth disclosure. Go as far as you wish with us. No excuses or apologies needed from you or us if we go separate paths to commune with the divine.

Communing with the Divine. The Spiritual Language of Humans


{Carousel} Sophia Musik


Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



Weapon of Mass Intelligence

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Truth News Headline posts do not stay on our website permanently. These are current events that are symptoms of the greater history that is evident in our deeply researched foundation articles. The daily headlines “float” on the mountain of evidence that we are amassing for the day of truth and reconciliation or judgement.
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 Glass Beads 1

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Source: American Intelligence Media


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