OASES is working to build a global network of conscious people and communities working towards strengthening human, Nature and spiritual reconnection as an antidote to the growing ecological, economic, social, and spiritual divide of our times.

Our goal is to create a thriving network of conscious and holistic communities, as necessary lifeboats for the future- new models  of living and working together where the highest aspirations of human beings for freedom, equality and solidarity can be put into action in authentically human ways.

We are facing a growing threat to a progressive human future from a power hungry technocratic elite working towards a world that is increasingly hostile to Nature and human beings. Through their deployment of biologically altering and harmful technologies, social manipulation techniques and political and economic control, they are rapidly reshaping the world towards their nefarious and anti-human objectives. 

We must organize and collaborate now in order to establish at least some human settlements for those who find the growing dystopian future unpalatable, and prefer to develop their spiritual human potential in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos. 


We are “natural”, non-technologically modified humans and their allies.
We recognize that we are in a battle for the future of Humankind.
We seek connection to the the Divine within us, and all Life.
We strive to live in harmony and reciprocity with the Earth.
We are committed to building communities that support optimal human health and well-being.


Despite colossal scientific, technological and economic progress, an explosion in human communication and information sharing, and many other modern advances, we find ourselves again on the razors’ edge between “catastrophe beyond conception” and a monumental awakening of new planetary consciousness. Those who perceive the trend towards a powerful, dominant techno-materialistic world order, feel the threat to the budding seed of this new consciousness.

OASES is a grassroots initiative for people of goodwill and courage to stand together to co-create a future of freedom, equality, caring and health for the needs of one another.  Whether through practical shared economic initiatives, demonstrating new models of cooperative community living, or grounding spiritual teachings and creative deeds into daily physical life, people everywhere are being called to wake up to the urgent need of the hour.  

OASES seeks to knit together a worldwide network of safe “natural zones”- low EMF environments where un-augmented (aka “natural”) human beings can act as lifeboats for the future of humanity, in the face of those strong forces which are seeking (consciously or unconsciously) to do it harm.  

We are facing today a technology takeover in cultural, economic, and political life,  as the largest and most powerful companies go all in towards mad science- genetic manipulation (mRNA and CRISPER), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and Transhumanism (human augmentation and modification).  We are heading towards a fully wireless world, a plutocratic and technocratic world order, which is continually attempting to replace the spiritual human being, with a cheap, technology augmented and dependent imitation- easy to manipulate, control and monetize.

We are working to ensure the natural, spiritual human being will continue to exist into the future, for indeed our human future depends on at least a small number of human beings who are able to develop outside of this Matrix.

Will you heed our call to create human community OASES in the desert of techno- materialistic culture? Will you help us deploy the OASES network to safeguard a progressive human future? 




The health of the human body forms the foundation of community health and well-being. Today we are faced with manifold threats and attacks that require increased awareness, vigilance and support to ensure that the human body can remain a biologically and genetically viable.

  • Awareness of holistic lifestyle options and threats to human health and wellbeing.
  • Commitment to maintaining and safeguarding the natural, biological human-being and Nature, which rejects the path of technological modification and augmentation of biology.
  • Awareness of the dangers of mRNA gene therapies promoted as safe vaccinations, as well as the mitigation of the shedding from those who have already been poisoned by this technology.
  • Develop healthy living and working structures.
  • Biodynamic, organic, perma-cultural farming methods
  • Reducing stress by ensuring a balance of work and play.
  • Minimizing disease causing factors with a healthy diet, lifestyle and environment.
  • Use of natural and traditional medicines and complementary healing modalities.
  • Regular Nature re-connection, human social reconnection and technology detox.
  • Building biological safe zones (aka “white zones”) in more remote locations using natural materials and new EMF shielding technologies in order to minimize and eliminate (as much as possible) the growing 5G and 6G deployments.


Members are encouraged to foster programs and practices that lead to greater inner freedom in thought and consciousness. Such a state of freedom will necessarily include growing awareness of those influences, habits, conditions and thoughts that keep us limited, separated, addicted and ineffectual.

OASES supports members in accessing their untapped human potential through leading edge processes, and programs. We support open thought and dialogue in support of a  free cultural and spiritual life.



Equality in relations among dedicated members within a community is essential for sustainable and harmonious functioning. Social and power imbalances in governance and ownership structures can often be the undoing of a community, while fostering equality in rights and governance can help a community to blossom. A key element of such community building is the development and practice of new social processes which foster deep and connected relationships.

OASES is pioneering an innovative governance model based on the threefold nature of the human being that can be utilized both within and without OASES communities. Such a model fosters equality of rights and democracy, while not impeding on spiritual freedom or economic initiative taking.


In order to thrive and optimize human potential we will develop and deploy a sustainable, economic system across the OASES Network.  Drawing on best practices and ideas from leading economic thinkers from the 20th and 21st centuries, we are researching and developing progressive economic ideas and strategies.:

  • New economic ethos of associative economics (sharing is caring).
  • New holistic corporate structures
  • Worldwide distributed blockchain mutual credit system.
  • Crowdfunding and start up incubation
  • Vertically integrated local economies
  • Economic education and financial tranining



It has been said, rightly, that one will not destroy that which they love. OASES communities recognize the irreplaceable gift of Living Nature, and spend time building their appreciation and connection to Nature as an integral part of community life. Organic, biodynamic and regenerative agriculture as well as permaculture principles are highly encouraged for optimal soil and human health and biological diversity.

Where possible communities will be situated in areas that are supportive of those with chemical and radiation sensitivities,  provide some living areas that are free of radiation for human health restoration.


OASES  communities are built with thoughtful plans and design that emulate the sacred geometry of Nature and the Cosmos, and utilize natural and sustainable materials that endure over time and protect as much as possible from harmful EMFs from the surrounding environment.  We will integrate technology as little as possible, and ensure that the built environment inspires and uplifts.




Do you have a driving passion for creating conscious culture, organization and economy? Does OASES resonate with your life mission? Apply to join one of our interim Advisory Councils in one of three areas (Consciousness, Governance or Economic Cooperation) and help us to build the OASES Holistic Living Network.


Do you have skills in web development, graphic arts, social media, public relations, community building, film making or anything else that might be service?  Help us to build an online platform and real -world physical community network, as lifeboats for the future.


We are seeking our initial seed funding of $100,000 to build out the network infrastructure, plus an additional $1 to $5million to build out Rivendell, our first OASES member community in Costa Rica. If you are in a position to provide a gift or zero interest long term loan, please get in contact with us.


Drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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