Inclusive, respecting of views and opinions.


In service of humankind and the planet.


Able to be maintained into the far future.


Conscious of who we are and why we are here.


Looking after the economic needs of each other, as ourselves.


Despite colossal scientific, technological and economic progress, an explosion in human communication and information sharing, and many other modern advances, we find ourselves again on the razors’ edge between “catastrophe beyond conception” and a monumental awakening of new planetary consciousness. Those who perceive the trend towards a powerful, dominant techno-materialistic world order, feel the threat to the budding seed of this new consciousness.

OASES is a grassroots initiative for people of goodwill and courage to stand together to co-create a future of freedom, equality, caring and health for the needs of one another.  Whether through practical shared economic initiatives, demonstrating new models of cooperative community living, or grounding spiritual wisdom and creative deeds into daily physical life, people everywhere are being called to wake up to the urgent need of the hour.  

OASES seeks to knit together a worldwide network of places where conscious cultural, social and economic initiatives can act as lifeboats for the future of a humanity which is able to continue its’ process of physical, social and spiritual evolution even in the face of those strong forces which are seeking (consciously or unconsciously) to do it harm.  

Through the knowledge and wisdom of so many great thinkers, spiritual teachers, activists and scientists of the 20th century, humankind has been endowed with a treasure of profound spiritual and practical wisdom that if put into practice in daily community life can yield a bountiful harvest for future generations.  

Will you heed our call to create human community OASES in the dessert of techno- materialistic culture? Will you help us deploy the OASES network to safeguard a progressive human future? 



The health of the human body forms the foundation of community health and well-being. Today we are faced with manifold threats and attacks that require increased awareness, vigilance and support to ensure that the human body can remain a suitable vessel for the human soul and spirit.

Awareness of holistic lifestyle and threats to human health and wellbeing.

Develop healthy living and working structures (low to no EMF, natural materials, passive heating/cooling, low energy and locally/culturally appropriate and sustainable etc.) 

Biodynamic, organic, perma-cultural farming methods

Ensuring a balance of work and play.  

Minimizing disease causing factors in diet, lifestyle and environment. 

Use of natural and traditional medicines and complementary healing modalities.


Members are encouraged to foster programs and practices that lead to greater inner freedom in thought and consciousness. Such a state of freedom will necessarily include growing awareness of those influences, habits, conditions and thoughts that keep us limited, separated, addicted and ineffectual.

Awareness of inner and outer mechanisms that keep us controlled, including technology, and media influences.

Develop and offer online and offline courses, programs that lead practitioners to inner freedom in thinking and consciousness.

Establishment of places for expression of a free cultural life ( spiritual sanctuary, artistic expression, scientific research and eduction). 


Equality in relations among dedicated members within a community is essential for sustainable and harmonious functioning. Social and power imbalances in governance and ownership structures can often be the undoing of a community, while fostering equality in rights and governance can help a community to blossom. A key element of such community building is the development and practice of new social processes which foster deep and connected relationships.

The OASES Wisdom Circle is being offered for members to overcome our natural egoic (self-oriented) impulses and discover a new emergent Group Wisdom that is able to bestow a more synthetic and interconnected understanding and awareness.

OASES is pioneering an innovative triarchy (as opposed to hierarchy) governance model based on the threefold nature of the human being that can be utilized by member communities. Such a model fosters equality of rights and democracy within communities.


In order to thrive and optimize human potential we will develop and deploy a sustainable, complementary economic system across the OASES Network.  Drawing on best practices and ideas from leading economic thinkers from the 20th and 21st centuries we are exploring and encouraging:

Exploration of progressive economic ideas and strategies.

Development of a global, distributed exchange accounting system (community currency).

Mechanism for community funded investment and incubation of new economic ventures.

Promotion of gift and sharing economy.

Incubation system for new business ventures.

Exploration of new block-chain based technologies that can be used in the above capacities.


If you like to connect about our vision and values or discuss possibilities or partnerships please drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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