Lifeboats for the Future

OASES is  building a global network of  people, places and programs for the development of health and wholeness in body, soul and spirit as an anecdote to the growing dis-ease of techno-materialism  and the emerging threat of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Grow and share your wisdom, connect with your soul tribe, and create a thriving conscious community network, as we help each other awaken and manifest our highest and brightest futures.


Awaken in Freedom

Fostering a holistic or integral consciousness based on freedom is necessary to ensure our continued spiritual and cultural evolution. This is essential in an age where human beings are tempted to integrate and augment their lives and their bodies with machine technology.

OASES provides members with access to modern wisdom teachings, and social technology that can free our untapped creative human potential. Online courses as well as physical events, classes and retreats will help members to up-level their awareness and step into their highest future potential- today!

conversation circles

Connect in Equality

We envision a worldwide network of healthy, thriving, higher consciousness people, places, and processes as lifeboats for the future. These “havens” will be needed as the world moves further towards a world controlled by technology and emerging artificial intelligence.

Add your community to our worldwide map based directory.  Our goal is to foster a conscious network of thriving physical communities, sanctuaries and eco-villages to counter a growing techno-materialist culture- beautiful places and spaces for physical, social, spiritual and ecological renewal where people can co-exist and co-create a more beautiful and human future together.


Share the Abundance

A new crypto-economics based on the technology of the block chain has tremendous potential, but also holds grave economic threat if current dysfunctions are further replicated and entrenched. A world where all money and economy is digital and dependant upon the newly emerging block chain technology is just around the corner.

OASES is working to deploy a sustainable and complementary economic system that emphasizes co-operation (instead of competition) and puts people and planet before profit. Our goal is to create a sound, resilient and sharing based economic model that uses this technology on sound economic principles to build and sustain thriving, abundant communities.

Working together for a healthy human future

Discovering Group Wisdom

Our Heart Wisdom Circle process helps small groups come together and discover an emergent Collective Wisdom through the power of heart-full conversation. Awaken to your highest potential through this new “social technology”.  The introductory course can be taken online by couples and shared and practiced regularly within communities.

Geo Directory

Add your holistic living community, or program  to our directory and map. Add pictures, videos, testimonials and more. Search our directory and find other members to connect, cooperate and associate.

Social Network

Join a community of people striving for a better and brighter future. Create a profile, search for other members with similar interests, start and join group, join forum, share pictures, message other members, videos and much more.

Share and Earn $

Join our Ambassador Program and discover right livelihood in sharing the OASES Wisdom Circle process with your friends.

Sharing Economy

Help us build a new economy model based on sharing and caring for the basic needs of one another- a global network of shared prosperity that supports the sacred gifts of each community member.

Shelter from the Storm

We are knitting together a network of caring communities, and special spaces that can act as lifeboats for the future- centres of human consciousness, connection and cooperation.  Discover, visit and share models for conscious living, learning, spiritual renewal, holistic healing, creativity, farming, economic cooperation and community co-creation.

Contribute Ideas

Do you have the gift of spiritual insight or intuition, management acumen or passion for creating conscious culture, organization and economy? Apply to join one of our interim Advisory Councils in one of three areas (Consciousness, Governance or Economic Cooperation) and help us to build the OASES Holistic Living Network.

Contribute Skills

Do you have skills in web development, graphic arts, social media, public relations, community building or (name your skill) ?  Help us to build an online platform and physical community network that can act as lifeboats for the future.

Contribute Funds

Does your heart resonate with our vision? Does your financial cup runneth over? Help us to grow thriving communities for future generations, and leave a lasting legacy for the future. Your contribution can be allocated for general development or specific aspects of the OASES vision.


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